Your Path …

Your life, your destination, it’s all up to you!!!

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. By Buddha.

A simple explanation,

If you are hungry, you look at other’s eating, are you full?

If you are thirsty, you look at other’s drinking water, are you still thirsty?

If you want to know the temperature of a cup of tea or coffee, you can check with others, but you’ll never know hot or cold if you never experience it.

If someone share with you how clean is the beach, you can imagine but you don’t experience.

Can someone take away your Anger? Frustration? Tension? Stress? Depression? Hatred? Greed? Grief? Complain?

Can someone give you happiness when you refuse to open your heart?

Can someone share knowledge with you when you not willing to accept it?

Hey! Friends, it’s all up to us. What types of lifestyle you want to have? The choice is in your hand!

Keep walking!




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