May they be awaken…

How do you react in gossiping?

Are you keep sharing with others? Are you adding “Salt” and “Pepper” in whatever your hearsay?

How do you react when people are sharing so much negativity in life? Perhaps they are keep complaining, pick up on errors, looking for angle to argue, create unhappiness, tension and stress….

How do you react when you are dealing with “Fake” people? They are wearing a “Mask”, not sincere, dishonest, love to share “untruth” things, love to twist the truth, with “Bad” intentions when they are closer with you, with personal agenda….

How do you deal with people who are good in “drama”? Keep acting in order to obtain personal interest, to enlarge small things to big issue in order to get attention, to defeat others in order to get personal gains….

May your wisdom be blossom like flowers…

We can sow seeds of kindness and shine happiness to all this people. Well! If they are still remain the same, it’s great to cut them out from our life. Life is too short to tolerate non sense. Move yourself out, close your eyes, mouth and ears. Give our best blessings to them, “May they be awaken”.





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