We must practice mindfulness in our daily life. The more you practice, be here at now. You can see things different from others and your observation is so sharp. You can see and notice things which others not seeing.

Be mindful! You can discover the truth in life!

Last few days, I noticed Miss SiSi was not well and she tried to urine constantly but only few drops of urine. I suspected she got Urine infection and bought her to try out a new Vet nearby my house. We are thinking is more convenience as we can shorten the travelling time.

The new Vet mentioned Miss Sisi was fine and nothing wrong. However, we are not convinced by her diagnose. It was abnormal for cat to try to urine constantly and only a few drop. Thanks to the latest online info, I am not very sure she had something not right on her bladder or urine infection.

This morning, We brought her to our regular Vet, it’s confirmed that She had urine infection and need to admit Vet Clinic as we can’t feed Miss Sisi with medication. She is a hyperactive cat. Hopefully, she can recover soon.

Imagine, if I am not mindful, none of my family members notice Miss Sisi’s new urine pattern. For sure, we are delaying the treatment.

As such, please practice mindfulness in your life, wherever, to whoever and anytime. It’s really make a difference.




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