Free yourself!!!

Free Yourself!!!

“Don’t personalised or internalise other people’s behaviour. What they do is not a reflection of you. Their actions represent them and where they are in their growth. Just observe instead of getting caught up and overreacting emotionally.”

By Idil Ahmed

Sometimes, we might be overacting and causing our emotional turmoil when we are observing unwholesome action from others. We are bringing in, all negative emotions which are going to affect our peacefulness. Is it necessary?

Perhaps, we might repeat and keep sharing about unwholesome action from others. The more we repeat, the more “polluted” our mind. Why should we sow the negative seeds again and again from other’s action.

The best we can help is to share and advise them in right time. It’s really up to them whether they want to transform or not.

Let go and move forward. Never be bothered and discouraged by other’s unwholesome action.

Free yourself.


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