Are you aware…..

Are you aware what food are you putting in your mouth?

Are you aware how many types of food additives or artificial flavouring are consisting  in your food?

Are you mindful in what you are eating?

Are you aware whether the food you are eating bringing benefit or harm to your health?

You are what you eat and you are what you think!

If you are not aware on what are you eating, you are using your spoon, fork or knife to gradually committing suicide, you are feeding poison to yourself daily without any realisation.

Think about it, Are you protecting your mind? Are you safeguard your mind from the seed of greedy, hatred and delusion?

Are you intoxicant your mind daily with non-stop reading negative news, watching drama which stir up your emotions, like anger, shouting, crying, cheating, harming, revenge and others, reading and spread untruth news/ information, gossiping…..?

Remember to safeguard your body and mind. Be mindful in eating and sowing good seeds to your mind.

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