Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I am extremely busy during Chinese New Year celebration. For the last weekend, we were busy to do CNY grocery shopping. We spent a few weekend to look for our lost cat, Miss Mimi. We failed to locate her, no matter where she is now, our best blessings to her.

Every year, we’ll be the volunteer in monastery. Many people will pay a visit to monastery during CNY. This is the best time we can offer our service to others. It’s so great we can serve and shining our loving kindness.

We saw a group of monkeys were hanging around the roadside. We decided to buy food (bananas and bread) to feed them. We can shine our love kindness anytime, anywhere and to any beings.

Small little effort from us, can fill up their stomach and no need to worry about food for a meal. We can make a different! Never give excuse as why must I do? How about others? Start from yourself, do it right and NOW. 

We went to look for Miss Mimi after our volunteer service at monastery. We failed but we fed our lovely buddy cat with a good meal. Shine our Kindness!!! Let’s do it together to make this world a beautiful place to stay for all beings!

“Kindness should become the natural way of life, not the exception.” By  Buddha

Hey! Lovely friends, let’s shine our loving kindness to all beings. Kindness makes you the most beautiful people in the world.

Join us, beautiful people?







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