be rounded…

Ask: Why your food is so salty?

Answer: Why not you cook next time?

Ask: Why there is rubbish after you clean the floor?

Answer: Why not you clean?

When you notice someone is wearing new clothes, handbag or anything new…

you might say, “Nice?” instead of giving compliment.

It’s really hard for some of us to give compliment or encouragement or kind wishes, we are always enmity about others without realisation. We love to find fault and error on others, we enjoyed the “happiness” to put others down.

Perhaps, you can see in social bully, how netizens attack others.

Be rounded, be shine met to all beings! May you be well and happy!

Most of us act like a durian, full of thorn, we are always ready to injure others with our “sharp” and “hurting” words without realisation. We might even think we are like “melon”, rounded.

As such, its really great to practice, “May I be free of Enmity.” To constantly remind yourself and shine metta to others.




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