Lost Cat, Miss Mimi

We are unable to locate Miss Mimi after a week plus. We hope our little girl is safe and someone is taking good care of her.

Best blessings to our sweet girl, Miss Mimi.

We done our best through physical searching, waiting patiently at night and early morning before any shop open, whataspp to community/neghbourhood (Through one of my friend stay nearby), distributed poster to surrounding shop and talked to shop owner and also blast out Instagram promotion ads. Moreover, we requested our Vet to put cat food outside clinic every evening plus putting Miss Mimi’s favourite pillow outside.

My father is persistently going to that surrounding area daily. He hopes he can bring Mimi, his favourite girl home for CNY. It’s quite a distance from Vet clinic to our house, more than 10KM and need to travel through highway. Really slim chance that Miss Mimi will know the way home.

This afternoon, one of the student shared with my sister that he saw a cat, not sure whether was Miss Mimi. We are going to check it out tonight.

We will do our best to search for Miss Mimi. Thank you to everyone who are helping and giving kind wishes during this period of time.




10 responses to “Lost Cat, Miss Mimi

  1. Oh Lijiun I am so sorry. Your story hits a personal note with me as I have been following Miss Mimi’s search. Me? I am part cat. I got my first cat at age 3 and as an only child, George (she) was my best friend. She lived just over 15yrs and I swore I would never get another cat…I did. Three years later. Tabby. He would pat my nose in the middle of the night and I would see his little plastic ring right next to me on my pillow that he wanted me to throw so he could catch it and bring back to me. One day while at work, I was a worker in a small company that handled car parts, my step-father took Tabby to the vet for a routine check…..He escaped before going into the vet’s office. It was a very cold snowy winter in January 1992. I remember my mom came to my work that day to tell me Tabby was missing. I went straight to finding him. My best friend. I never did find him, but always hoped he found a good home. A couple months later, I left home for the Marine Corps. I didn’t think of it till now but I think with Tabby gone helped me to be able to leave home without attachment. I have never had another cat since 1992. I am my own cat. When I tell friends that I am part cat, I am not joking. As a very young child having a cat (George) taught me many things. Be independent. Do not seek attention from others. Watch the World.
    Again I am so sorry. Losing Tabby was unbearable. I remember how sad I was. I truly hope Miss Mimi finds her way back to you and your family. If she does not, then the universe will take care of her as it has since she went missing. We are all moving in, with, and through all that is.

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