No regret!!!

We’ve continued to search for Miss Mimi in Day 5, we can’t see her at all after our last met on last Friday.

This morning, we even walked over to another residential garden and hopefully we can see her. We walked for more than an hour plus, mission failed.

Tonight, will be our last search operation. We are going to start work tomorrow. Hopefully, we can see this little girl again.

We shared with the restaurant owners, security guards and students about Miss Mimi and informed them to call us or notify our Vet.

We do our best to look for her, no regret later.

Best blessings to our little girl, Miss Mimi. Hopefully, someone will offer helping hand to her.

Please offer your helping hand to animal friends wherever and whenever. See no difference on them. The best way to practice loving-kindness.

Do you best, live at now. Let go and No regret! Let your mind in peace and calm.



5 responses to “No regret!!!

  1. Don’t give up hope. She will return home if she can. Cats have been known to travel 7km in a single night. Also, a friend of mine moved house and her cat ran away – and 10 months later returned. She’d stayed alive, someone must have fed her on occasion, but we think it was mainly by hunting.

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