Practice compassion…

We’ve continued our Day 3 search operation, started from morning (7am-9am) and at night, after all shop closed and we hope Miss Mimi will come out to look for food. Last night, we waited for more than 2 hours plus, no sign of her at all. We even enlarge our searching territory to nearby shop houses, residential house and whatever area we can think of.

Miss Mimi is my father favourite’s cat, his youngest daughter. The vet clinic and our house is about 10km, my father drive all the way to look for Miss Mimi in noon. Well! We hope we can save her life. What we are concern now, is about her safety. She was just recovered from jaundice and still under medication, many days without food or water will never make her sick again. As such, We do our best to look, to save and bring this little girl home.

No matter where she is… All our best blessings with her!!! We hope someone will offer helping hand to our lovely Mimi.

All our cat friends are our family members. We treat them equally like us. I believe you will do the same when your family is lost.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.

If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

By Dalai Lama



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