Missing cat, Miss Mimi

Miss Mimi is MISSING!!!

This few days, We are extremely busy. Our lovely Miss Mimi was admitted hospital for jaundice treatment. We supposed to pick her home on Wednesday. However, I received a call from Vet Clinic that Miss Mimi was escaped and lost from the clinic. She was gone in a total new environment which she is not familiar and full of threat.

The Vet shared with us that Miss Mimi opened the cage door (Which not close tightly) and escaped from the small window hole. It happened so fast. What an intelligent cat! She was the first cat went missing in the Vet. We accepted and never blame on our Vet and team. We only reminded them to close the cage door properly to avoid same incident happen in future.

What we can do is to move forward to look for this little girl. We even brought her favourite cat brother, Hitam to join the first day mission. Failed to locate her.

Last night, about 9:30 pm, Sis Called and said she saw Miss Mimi nearby the Vet Clinic and looking for food. Immediately, My father and I drove all the way to join the search operation. We saw her in fearful, stress, hunger and tension. We tried our best to catch her. However, Mission failed even though we waited until midnight.

This morning, We went over to search again, not able to locate her. Well! We are going to continue our search action by tonight. We believe Miss Mimi is hiding in bushes in the new environment. She’ll look for food at night after all shop closed. She is fearful for cats and also human.

We hope we are able to bring her home soon and end her misery in the wild, no food, no water, no families and friends.



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