What is the important question in life?

Sometimes, we’ve tendency to waste so much time on unimportant questions instead of solve it and moving forward. We might even spend hours of time to prove other’s wrong for small matters. Are we trying to prove to people that we are more intelligent and superior than others?

Always ask yourself, are you doing it to find out the truth or to proof yourself? Are you trying to feed your “ego”?

A great story from Buddha,

There was once a man that’d been wounded by a poisoned arrow.And when his family wanted to find a doctor to help him, the man said no.

The mortally wounded man said that before any doctor tried to help him, he wanted to know who had attacked him. What was his caste and where was he from?

He also wanted to know this other man’s height, strength, skin tone, the kind of bow he used, and whether its string was made of hemp, silk, or bamboo.

So, as he wondered if the arrow’s feathers came from a vulture, peacock, or falcon, and whether the bow was common, curved, or made of oleander, he ended up dying before getting an answer to any of his questions.

Are we acting like the wounded man in our daily life?

Always look inward….

Let’s contemplate.


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