Look inward…

We love to look outward and point to others when something happen. Immediately, we look for “excuses” and “Someone” to blame instead of look inward.  We are so worried to admit wrongdoing and we try our best to escape from the error by thinking a way to look outward and finding best excuses.

We need to constantly remind ourselves on the right view and right understanding. Nothing to worry, be honest to yourself and move forward.

When something happen, we might ask others, “Why are you not telling me in advance?” We try our best to push the responsibility to others.

Why not take a deep breath, be quiet and look inward? Be sincere to yourself. Learn and move on.

A young kid accidentally broken glass decoration in a store. Her mother raised her voice and scolded the shop owner, “Why not you keep your glass decoration properly?” She refused to pay for the damaged product. The young kid will definitely learn from her mum. Imagine how she might behave in future. Be mindful on your action! Someone is watching you!

Be silent and look inward.

Please look inward before you take any action, say anything.





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