Enjoy nature!!!

Whenever children are crying, their parent will pass a smart phone to them, to watch videos or playing games. You can see this scene whenever you are in restaurant or cafe.

Usually, Parent will share with others that their children love phones. Well! Think about it, who is the one who introduce phone to them? Obviously, a small young boy will never demand a phone if you are not introduced to them.

Instead of playing phones, why not bring them to get in touch with nature? Enjoy beautiful mountain, rivers, beach, barefoot on grass, garden, forest, play with animal friends. Why not spend their childhood with nature?

Open up their horizon in macro view. Share with them on the beauty of nature and animal friends instead of only looking at the small screen.

Enjoy nature. Beautiful photo from bro Ben.

Go outside! Enjoy the sunshine!




3 responses to “Enjoy nature!!!

  1. I was a naïve young parent that allowed my son to have a video game. I wish I didn’t because it was always difficult to get him to go outside. Even today, he is almost 30 now and spends too little time outside.

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