To live…

When you are sick, you can consult the doctor to diagnose and give prescription, whether you want to heal or not, its depend on YOU! You are what you think!

If you are thinking, you are not going to get well, no matter how many Doctors you’ve visited, how much medicine you are consuming, you are not going to get better, perhaps getting worst.

You must have the spirit to live. Activate the fire to survive in your life!

Recently, Our lovely cat, An An boy was so sick, he refused to eat and drink for several days, even consulted Vet, gave injection, took medicine, his situation remained unchanged. I talked to him, if you want to live, please eat and drink water. If not, you are going to die. Simple & straight forward.

He understood, he recovered fully after more than 2 weeks.

I am a healthy boy now….

If you want to get better, please look inward….

Diet (over eating, too much meat, seafood, junk food, processed food, white sugar, white salt, white flour, deep-fried oily food, lot of diaries products and others),

Exercise (Are practising any daily exercise?),

Sleep (Quality sleep? Lack of sleep?),

Lifestyle (hectic, stress, tension, overworked?)

Pass motion (Constipation? diarrhea?)

Emotion (Anger?  Fear? Upset? Disappointed? Depressed?)

Always look inward, you know the best on how to heal yourself as a whole. Most important, your spirit and passion, To Live.







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