Little action…

During my recent vacation, I am touched when I saw an elderly couple from overseas who were collecting glass material from beach during their beach walking. What a wonderful action! Simple and yet helping others for not causing injury and reduce sea pollution.

Small pieces of glass will cause injuries to all living beings. Imagine, if someone is not practice mindful walking, the little glass will cause foot injuries.

I saw a group of local tourists who were enjoyed their coconut water and then just throw it on the beach. What an irresponsible action! Why not throw the rubbish in rubbish bin? It’s a public area, we hope to enjoy a clean beach. Please start from ourselves. Be the one who are going to pollute the environment, the best is to clean it up. Leave a best place for next visitors.

Always think about our action, Am I causing suffering or happiness?

Am I bringing benefits or harm to all beings?



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