Impermanent of life…

Life is impermanent. Anything can happen in any moment of life.

You are not able to predict but most important, you can accept, manage it, let go  and moving forward. You are going to be super fine.

This morning, I was slipped and fallen down in  a petrol station due to petrol stains in one of the parking slot. I injured, perhaps twisted my leg, however I am grateful that I am still able to walk. Instead of blame on the slippery (due to petrol stain), immediately I called my Chinese Chiropractic (Sifu), to check what time I can go for treatment. I am grateful that he was willing to help me in early hour, about 8:15 am. How blessed I am!!!

I went to office to settle something and took a day off.

Once you are able to accept things, you can immediately to look for remedy to resolve and manage it. Yes, I am in physical pain but there is no mentally pain as I’ve moving forward.

How great!

Always think of others for any action you are taking. Are you going to bring suffering or happiness?

Another important learning, please clean and dry up the floor to avoid any incident of slip and fall even when you are at public area. One of the best way to shine loving kindness.




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