Take a day off…

Be here and now! Enjoy the beauty of nature!

Today, I took a day off to relax, refresh, let go all burden at work. I enjoyed a lot in a “free” day.

Started the beautiful day with morning walk, yoga exercise and played with my sweet cat friends in garden. Cooked yummy and healthy organic vegan noodles as breakfast for my family members.

Then, I went for haircut and followed by a good session of Thai traditional massage. The Thai masseur was perfect. Had a good chat with her. She had more than 20 years experience in massage industry. I felt so good, totally relaxed after 2 hours of massage. Perfect!

I went for my late lunch and groceries shopping. I enjoyed to be with myself. Yeah! Quiet moment, the best moment.

It’s really important to take time off for yourself. When you are too busy, you might not realise how tense and stressful you are. Perhaps, your body and mind might yelling loudly to ask you to put a STOP. Well! It’s go to deaf ears. It’s just like pulling a string too tight, it’s going to break anytime.

If you are always live in such stressful environment, for sure, you are going to fall sick one day. Why not take precaution? Relax yourself!

Take a day off! Be free… Do whatever you love to do.




4 responses to “Take a day off…

  1. I once had a doctor who advocated using a day off s a mental health thing, I have followed that advice – and it works, love the post for that reason – so agree.

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