Living in fast pace community…

I just got back from Hong Kong for a short vacation. Hong Kong is an extremely busy city. People used to talk fast, east fast, walk fast and whatever they are doing also in “Fast” pace.

What I experienced was everywhere also crowded and full of people whether locals and tourists. It’s really hard if you are walking too slow as others are always in hurry. Based on my observation, it’s a big challenge for elderly people to stay in this fast pace city. Yes, The public transport is very convenience, however they need to walk. Imagine if you are facing challenges to walk, it’ll be definitely inconvenience for you.

If you are healthy and fit, walking is a good exercise. Well! I love walking.  Moreover, I can digest our food well, less guilty even though I took slightly more food than usual.

I used public transport during peak hour. Experienced being “pushed” inside the train. No even an empty space in train.

There is nothing to complain if we are stuck in traffic jam. We can sit quietly and comfortably in our car which we can enjoy good music, talk and others. Whereas in the busy and overcrowded train, you don’t even have personal space, there is no distance with each others.

Living in such a fast pace community, we must learn how to live life slowly to balance our body and mind. Always get in touch with nature and not trap ourselves in limited space.







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