no difference…

Did you know our pet friends can understand our language?

We’ve a total of 5 cat friends at home.

Our intelligent Little Black boy! We are thinking his intelligent is similar to a small boy…

Our elder boy, Little Black is so intelligent. He can clearly understand what we are talking, perhaps he is our translator to other’s cats.

Last weekend, I bought cat canned food home and arranged in cabinet. He came and  requesting to have some. I said, “Nope”. He was fed in the morning. He was so angry and release his anger by peeing at one of our sink. Through his action, he expressed his feeling to us. Smart boy.

Whenever, he saw my sister and I in casual wear during weekend, get ready to go out. He’ll definitely run away as he is so worry we are going to bring him to see Vet. He can differentiate our clothing and also have a powerful memory on seeing Vet.

All our cats know their name and their friend’s name. A simple example, when Miss SiSi with us in upstairs, we called the name of “An An” or “Wang Wang”. She was so alerted and keep looking at the staircase see whether any of her friends are coming up.

See no difference in animal friends! They are just like you and me.

Love them!

“Don’t talk of love and peace when you have dead animal on your plate.” by Socrates





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