Have stories to tell….

“Fill your life with adventures, not THINGS.

Have stories to tell, not stuff to Show.”

Many of us, we live our life like squirrel and love to accumulative things even though we don’t need so much, e.g. How many houses can you stay? How many cars do you need? How many clothes do you need? and ….

I heard a story from my friend, one of her friend, he is so hardworking, no time to rest, he is extremely stingy in his daily expenses, limited budget on food, no travel and so calculative with his friends.  His only hobby is to drive and show to friends on his properties. Yes, he is wealthy but he is not living a full life!

By looking at a busy black carpenter bee will remind you to take care of nature, take whatever you want with mindfulness, not destroy it. Be harmony!

Keep exploring, friends!

Share stories on the act of kindness and anything which can bring positive vibes.





11 responses to “Have stories to tell….

  1. We are a world where to possess is everything , all our status depends on it , destitution will mean you are a non- entity. So a few get obsessed with possession it becomes everything to them all else is worthless dross. It has similarities to drug addition ; only the drug matters.

    • I´m a drug addict and alcoholic, it´s the same. I did turn my life around, wich was harder than being in the army and the combat,
      My point is this, when you see the fucked up nations I have been deployed and you ( not you particularly but just in general) have bad things to say, that means as you said in your comment ¨having things to posses¨ as if it was bad.
      You tell those little Afghanistan shits, if they have a faucet to drink clean wáter from, instead of walking miles to get wáter for the whole familly.
      Possesions…..give me a break.

  2. That is why on ocassions I write real stories about myself, from embarassing to funny. Everybody has a story to tell that is what, for me, human behaviour is fascinating.

  3. I’m not sure what you mean by that . I think you will find people want the benefits and comforts of civilisation , to name but a few:
    Central heating , a motor car , a dwelling with several rooms , a TV, a computer with internet connection , a refrigerator , running hot and coldwater. SSufficient means to take an annual holiday .

  4. I think to say you can enjoys things without becoming attached is nonsense . If possible we create the lifestyle we enjoy , when we deny ourselves things it makes life difficult . One of the hardest moral acts is to deny yourself for the sake of someone else.

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