Rest and relax….

Our animal friends know the best how to heal themselves when thy are sick. They will take a good rest, drink water and reduce eating until they are fully recover. So smart! Wang Wang boy was down with flu a few weeks ago. He is fine now!

For the past few months, I am so busy with my office work, met new project deadline,household chores and others.  I am overstressed my body and mind. Besides, I drank ice cham (Mixture of coffee and tea) in raining day as it was so convenience with online ordering. Furthermore, weather is so cold lately, its non stop raining, so easy to catch a cold.

I’ve completed my new project last week. Yeah! I enjoyed freedom, so relieved I can stay relax and chill in long holiday (4 consecutive holidays). However, my body was showing the sign of releasing of toxins. I’ve been down for severe flu with sneezing for 2 days, it was non stop running nose as body was releasing accumulative of mucus.

I just let it be, rest and relax until fully recover without taking any medication. The lesson learned, when you are busy, stress, your body and mind can’t rest well and your immunity is dropping. Through accumulation of various factors, you are sick. It’s normal that you are sick, it means your body is looking for balancing to heal. Most important, rest and relax, do nothing.

Your body can heal by itself.

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