Small action…

This morning, I discovered an object on our air well, I can’t see well as it was so dark. About 7 am, When I finished cooking organic braised tofu, I went up to change to get ready for my morning walk. I opened window and I saw a pigeon was on our air well. She was wet (on-stop raining), frighten, flew to downstairs and being surrounded my our lovely cat friends. Luckily, I ran fast to rescue her before our cat friends attacked her.

What I can do with this little bird? I put her into an empty box, gave her a piece of cloth to dry her wet little body plus fed her with millet. Most important,let her to rest, chill, relax and get her body dry before free her to nature.

Wang Wang boy was offered help to be guardian of this little bird. Of Course, we’ll never allow our cat friends to harm other beings. 

Little bird friend was safe and she flew away.

Bad weather condition, non-stop raining causing disasters to animal friends. Help them instead of chase them away. They might just need a shelter, to cover from rain. A simple kind action mean a lot to them.

“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.”

Shine your kindness!

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