Don’t judge me…


Don’t hold tied on your past, let it go…Liberate yourself! You can, my dear friends!

“Don’t judge me, By my past, I don’t live there anymore.”

So profound!!!

We love to carry burden in the past. We can remember well for people who scolded, blamed, accused us in the past. Whenever we recall those incident, we’ll get angry. Well! Why should we be angry for the past incident? It was gone!

Why we love to penalize ourselves, creating emotional turmoil to disturb our peacefulness for something happened long time ago?

It’s not necessary!

Let go your past and drop your worry in future. Imagine, if you are carrying past incident, one incident equivalent to a stone, how many stones in your bag? The more you carry, the more heavier you feel, the more you are losing your peace, calm and serenity.

Live at now, my dear friends. Yes, you can recall the past as a reminder not to repeat the same incident but not putting any emotions in it.

Only you can liberate yourself!




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