Stop complaining!

“As you breathe right now, another person takes their last. So stop complaining, and learn to live your life with what you have.”

How profound!

We love to complain when things not going well.

When we stuck in a heavy traffic during heavy downpour, we are complaining about the rain and the traffic. We forget someone are riding bike, walking and they got wet.

We are complaining about our small house or condominium or apartment. We forgot that someone not even have a place to stay, they might overnight under bridge and need to endure cold or hot weather.

We are complaining our food is not nice and refuse to finish it.  We forgot someone not even have anything to eat and need to endure hunger.

We are complaining we are not able to follow with new fashion trend. We forgot that someone might not even have any cloth to wear.

What are your complains?

Why not transform your mind?

So many good things happen for us to count our blessings. Let’s build “Counting blessing” in our DNA. The less complain, the more happy you are!” 

Be gratitude and count your blessing!

I alway shared with my friends that I used to traffic jam, I spend quiet time by listening to Dharma discourse. So peaceful! Why should I be angry? Why should I spend time in anger? Why not do something meaningful?

You are what you think!





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