You are PRETTY…

How much time do you actually spend to make yourself pretty?

How much time do you need to curl or straighten your hair? “make-up”? Apply nail colours and perfume? Try on new clothes?

In the past, I spent time in make-up, apply different nail colours, colouring my hair and others. For the past 8 years, I let go all this and back to basic. I am only using organic face oil, lip moisturizer and organic body oil when I am working in air-con environment. During weekend, I never apply anything on face and body, let’s my skin and body to relax.

This action helps me to save time, money and also protect environment. I can use the extra “hour” save to do meditation, exercise, cooking, reading and others. I can use the money saved to help other people and bring happiness to their life. Lot of cosmetics, perfume, hair spray and skin care contains chemical which bring harm to environment.

Am I losing out?

No. Indeed I am Gaining the most precious gift, “Freedom”.

Nothing is more important than freedom..
Free yourself! You are not losing out anything!

“We get so worried about being PRETTY.

Let’s be Pretty KIND. Pretty FUNNY. Pretty SMART. Pretty HONEST. Pretty STRONG. Pretty AWESOME……..

You are pretty from inside out…

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