What are you cultivating?

Story sharing from my friend that her mum is overly pamper her son, she’ll say Yes to the small boy for whatever’s request.

This little boy love to hang out in friend’s house, he must borrow a toy home daily and return in the next day. It’s become his habit. My friend shared with his son that you can play any toy in neighbour’s house but don’t take home. It really hard for the 4 years old to understand as he use to do this. His reaction is simple, crying loudly. His grandma was shouting to the neighbour’s boy, “Boy, why are you so stingy, not borrow your toys to my darling grandson?”

Think about it. This might happen to us, we love to point finger to others whenever things go wrong. It’s hard to look inward and contemplate.

Imagine, What’ll happen to this overly “pampered” and “protected” boy? How can he accept any failure, criticism, complain, up and down in life? How can he live in challenging environment? To him, everything is what he deserved and must have. Perhaps, he might not even think about “gratitude” and “blessing”. He might become one of the fragile “Strawberry”. Who is cultivate this “Strawberry” character?

We talked to our cat friends when they are doing wrong things like killing lizard and others. We believe they can understand but need time to change. Our eldest cat, Little Black is the good example. He can understand our language, do & don’t. 


Please guide your children be a good person. We urgently need more good person to do good things together, shine good vibes to save our beautiful mother of earth.


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