Umbrella parent…

How do you educate your children? Are you guiding them to be a good person?

I heard a story from my friend, she just came back from Canada. She saw a lady walked a dog and crossed the road. The dog was barking. The owner squatted down, talked to the dog nicely, patiently and explained why he must behaved himself in public area. Amazing sharing!

How about you? Are you doing the same if your children are not behave in public area? Are you scolding them? Are you shouting? Are you mad? Are you angry?

Do set good example of yourself and guide your children be a good person. They always try to learn from their parent. Explain why they can’t do it… What are the consequences if they are doing this… Be patient!

I heard another great example. Usually, parent will stop their children from touching hot teapot and the child will never understand why he is prohibited to do so. This might cause more curiosity and he just want to do it. A son asking his father whether can he touch a hot teapot, father answered YES.  He guided him on how to touch and ensure no injury. Once the little boy experienced the heat, he understood. When his father asked him, “Boy, do you want to touch the hot teapot again?” Immediately, he said, “No father.”

Teach and guide them to be a good people. This action will benefit to all beings!

Don’t be umbrella parent who overly protect your children. Think about it, can you protect them for life? You can’t. Let them experience life, learn, grow and be good!




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