Climate Change Catastrophe…

What a beautiful world!!! Take action now! Let’s do it together to save our world and ourselves! Go Vegan!

I read a shocking news yesterday that scientists said we have 12 years to stop a climate change catastrophe. I know the day will come based on how, what human beings are doing to destroy our lovely and beautiful earth. Its come so fast!!!

Are you ready to face the reality soon? Extreme weather including heat, rainfall and drought (Perhaps you’ve experience some of the minor impact now, e.g hurricane, flood, drought and others), rise of sea water (many cities might be disappeared), rise in water shortage, more species extinction and others)

How do we stop a climate change catastrophe?

Go Vegan.

If all of us moved to vegan diet, we could cut all global greenhouse emission by 23%  and water use by at least 25%. We’ve cleared an area of the size of UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal for livestock grazing and feed.

Let’s do it together for all beings who are living in this beautiful world.


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