Good lessons…

I learn many good lessons during cooking.

A yummy and beautiful plate of organic vegan fried rice. Do you know how much preparation needed in order to enjoy a plate fried rice?

Behind the scene. How much preparation work needed before we can enjoy a plate of simple fried rice?

A good lesson learned, be gratitude when you are enjoying your meal. How much effort needed to prepare even a simple fried rice? How much ingredients needed in order to enjoy a good plate of fried rice? How many parties are involved direct and indirectly to serve a plate of fried rice? say Farmer, chef, transporter, wholesaler, online platform and others…

A plate of fried rice also reminded us on a good combination of team. Work together and achieve same goal together. Be a good team player!

It’s also a good reminder that we need to keep walking our spiritual path in order to accumulative enough “content” before we can reach our destiny. Nothing comes easy. Be diligent and keep practicing anytime and anywhere.





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