Happy World Animals Day!

Happy belated World Animals Day!

Do you love animals?

Do you think you are more superior than our animal friends?

Do you think animal friends are belongs to us? Can we manipulate them?

Do you see what are the different between animal friends and your pet at home?

Do you see what is the similarity of human and animal friends?

The universal language is Love and we see no difference in any beings except form, language, posture, way of walking and others.

If you think you are more superior than our animal friends, then please love them more instead of use our intelligent to abuse, torture and continuously to bring suffering to our lovely animal friends.

We are using various trap to catch and smuggle wildlife, clearance of forest to build more houses and causing lost of habitat/ shelter to animal friends, torturing animal friends to entertain us, abuse them when we are unhappy, various cooking style to eat meat “fresh” and causing tremendous pain to animal friends, clearance forest to plant more crops to feed livestock to produce more meat to us. We see “meat” and enjoying “meat products happily to satisfy our senses,  ignore lost of life and suffering before death of animal friends.

We love and treasure our life very much but we are taking life of animal friends to satisfy our desires, not our need but our WANT.

Think about it!

What can you do to bring more happiness to animal friends? Whatever you don’t like, don’t apply to our animal friends. Love them!

We share this beautiful earth together, let’s use our wisdom to bring happiness and live harmony with animal friends. Shine them with LOVE and no harm.

You can, right?


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