Meaningful life=Meaningful work?

Do you love your job?

Are you passion in your job?

Are you have fun in your job?

Are you working purely to earn salary?

Are you always looking for time to exit from office?

“It’s hard to have a meaningful life without a meaningful work.” By Jim Collins

Think about it, how much time you spend in office? If you are hate and no passion in whatever you are doing, how can you be a happy person?

Some of us, love to ask, what can the company give me? Why not, change our angle of thinking, “What can you contribute and transform the job you are doing?” “Make progress to company, bring happiness and fun to your team.” How wonderful!

If you are dragging your body to work, force yourself to do something you don’t like and enjoy, it’s better for you to look for something more meaningful in life. For sure, you are not going to perform in your job as you lost your passion, you might only do job as per instruction (Never put effort to think how to improve and any better way).

What are the consequences?

You are going to jeopardise KPI for your team, bring down team morale, causing huge working pressure to your colleagues or superior as they need to cover your under performance job, create tension and unhappiness for your colleagues, lost business opportunity to company and others. Well! Most important, to you, not enjoying job satisfaction, you might be like a “dead fish” in working hours.

Be passion in whatever you are doing. You are going to shine!

Perhaps, its time to make a stop and reflect what can you do the best and pursuit.


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