Great combination!!!

What can you learn from boiling soup?

Do you think spiritual practice only can happen in monastery or temple?

Do you think meditation practice only when you are in lotus posture?

Well! Imagine, how much time you spend in monastery vs how much time you are at home, office, cars and others?

As such, spiritual and meditation can happen in anytime, anywhere and any moment in life. Be mindful in whatever you are doing, no other thoughts arisen except for what you are doing. Be 100%. Be here and now. You are actually in spiritual practice.

A simple bowl of soup also sharing wisdom. A great combination of raw ingredients like lotus root, sweet corn, carrot, chestnut and kumbu, all blended well to give “Umami” soup taste. It nourished our body and mind. If you are putting less ingredients, you are getting less tasty soup. All ingredients are equivalent important.

Each one of us are unique. No need to compare yourself with others. Be yourself and keep practising. You are heading to your destination.



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