Be your own master…

How do you react when someone commented about you?

Perhaps they are saying something like:

a. You look slightly overweight.

b. Your hairstyle is not suit you..

c. Your dressing is out of fashion.

d. There is so much room for you to improve in your job.

e. Why are you making such a mistake?

f. Why can’t you dress better?

h. Why not you make changes in your life?

bla…. bla…bla…..

Are you willing to review, reflect and accept other comments with open heart? Are you going to make a change? Are you so angry with other’s reply? Are you so upset with other’s comment? Are you care too much about other’s comment?

What is your response?

It’s great if we can treat comment positively, we get a chance to improve our life, to better person and perform better.

If the comment is untrue, let go, forget about it and move on.

Why should we be bothered? Why should we be angry and upset?

We are unable to control what others will comment, however we can observe our mind, learn, improve and let go.

Be the master of your life! The key is with you!

The choice is in your hand!

Be your own master!



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