Good deed…

One of my favourite activity during weekend, to start morning walk in totally peace and chill environment. It’s not only exercise, it’s a walking meditation. To keep practising, be here and now. A total refresh and rejuvenate to body and mind after a good session of morning walk.

Moreover, it’s always give positive vibes in the morning when I see good deeds and kindness from others. I shared in the past post, people are feeding birds in forest with bread. At least, this group of birds are full and no need to search for food.

This morning, I saw one of the regular morning walk aunty, she used some of the tree branches to put in a big hole at the side of road, to give warning on the danger. A small deed which full of loving-kindness, consider about safety from others and to avoid any accident. This little act warm my heart.

Let’s learn from her. Be kind to all beings.

You gain the most when you are kind to others. Yo are letting go “Selfishness”. Kindness act by feeding Stray cats in one of the plant nursery.

Never say, “Nothing to do with me.”

We are one.




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