Nothing comes easy…

What a beautiful and colourful organics vegan veggie bowl! Do you want to try a bowl?

Have you ever figure out

What are the ingredients?

Why it look good?

How long is the preparation process?

How to cook?

What to prepare and cook first?

How should I start?

Usually, we hope to get success easily without putting too much effort. Generally, Millennial’s behaviour is they want to climb corporate ladder in short time, they assume they learn everything in a really short time and consider to know & master everything. Sometimes, we might only learn “Surface”, just like the iceberg concept, We only see the “top” and totally ignore the giant iceberg at the bottom which we need time to discover.

Nothing comes easy. We need to put lot of harkwork and keep practicing to make perfect. Don’t assume you learn and master everything. If you think so, there is no more progress in life, you are going to live backward.

Behind the scenes, I need to plan, spend time and prepare lot of ingredients before food presentation. It’s similar to life, keep putting effort whether success or failure, treat this as the precious experiences and nutrients to enrich our life towards success.




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