Don’t harm…

Recently, I came across news on how human beings are using our intelligent and “superiority” to torture and causing great suffering to animal friends. Someone, in the name of “fun”, sprayed “Green color” paint to a kitten and the paint was causing great discomfort to this little being. Why are we harming others for happiness? Are we treating our animal friends like “2nd class” citizen?

Another case, really make me sad on how cruel we can be when we lost our mind, we totally let go on loving kindness and compassion. Two young guys put a pregnant cat in the dryer in laundry shop, causing great pain to the cat and let her died in the dryer. What is going wrong? What are we doing?

Someone was poisoning a group of 12 stray dogs inclusive of a little 2 months old puppy, causing tremendous pain and suffering before death.

Is it a “hero” act when we are torturing harmless beings? Is it the “warrior act”? Is it showing how “Great” we are as human? Why are we releasing our stress, tension, anger and all negative emotion to harm helpless beings?

Why not use our intelligent to help all beings to relieve from suffering and be happy? Most important, we don’t “Own” any beings, they are not belong to us, they are not our “TOY”. They have equal right to live and share this beautiful world with us. Live harmony and offer our help to level up their life.

Are you happy when you look at the variety types of blossom flowers? Its full of colours. Imagine, if there is only available of one type of flower. How monotone it can be?

Don’t discriminate and treat them like your dearest family members. If you don’t want to offer your help, at least you don’t harm them. Animal friends are just like us, they are breathing same air, drinking same water, their blood are red, they are sharing unconditional love, they are enjoying this beautiful earth with us.  





4 responses to “Don’t harm…

  1. I don’t know why some people are cruel to animals. Is it learned? I recently saw a four-year-old boy run up to a stray cat peeking out from under a car. When he got close, he jumped and made a loud noise to scare the cat while his mother watched and said nothing. I wondered if he learned to be mean from his parents. So sad.

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