Think twice…

Recently, my sister shared with me that her company is carry out CSR activity to collect waste like clothes, sock, bed sheet, towels, rags, caps, curtain, belt and other fabric material to blend with other materials to produce engineered fuel for cement kilns. What a great effort to reducing wastage!

I love to support all this meaningful activity. However, I don’t have much items to giveaway as most of my “Unused” Items in good conditions are donated from time to time to needy people, to give “unused” items a second chance to “live”. Besides, I am more conscious when making any purchase. Usually, I’ll ask myself, “Is it necessary?” “Am I need or want it?”, “Am I producing more environment waste?”

When you are keep practicing, its work well as you are more mindful in purchasing any new items and also giveaway “unused items” for more than half a year. (Obviously, you don’t need but just keep it for “in-case”. Perhaps, you might totally forget its existence.”)

You don’t need to own much to enjoy a better life.

Remember all items are made from earth’s resources, the more you buy, the faster its drained out. Furthermore, it take many years to decompose. What are you leaving behind for next generation?

Think twice before you make any payment!!!






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