tip-top conditions…

What are you doing in long holidays?

Are you book a vacation and rush out from your house?

Are you stay chill at home and do nothing?

Most of us, we love to plan “aggressively” whenever there is any long holidays. We packed immediately and run out from home in the name of “Relaxing” and “Refreshing”.

Why can’t we relax at home?

Why must we runaway from home in order to get a rest?

Why must we plan our schedule until maximise and we named it as ” fruitful” and “meaningful”?

What are the consequences if our body lack of rest?

One of my friend loves to plan her weekend with packed schedule, she claimed this was the way of no time wastage. However, her body energy was drained and she looked extremely tired during working day. Do you think she can perform well in work?

We learned from our little ginger friend. Sleep when you are tired. Regain your energy and run again. Usually, Wang Wang boy will take a rest after running like leopard. He knows well on how to keep his body in tip-top condition. How about you, human? Are you numb?


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