Why are you in hurry?

When you are slow down your pace, you can enjoy your life better.

What are we chasing in life?

Why are we always in hurry?

What is the difference make between rush in hurry and walk steadily?

Which is produce better result?

When you are in hurry, rush to meet deadline, you tend to make more error. Your productivity will drop as you are anxious about future and not at now. Moreover, there is no creativity can happen when you are stress, tension and restless.

Why not complete our task one by one? Our brain can’t take multitasking work, its only do well in one by one.

Why not work in peace and harmony environment? It’s the best place to give creative and think out of the box ideas.

It’s meaningless to keep chasing, rushing and heading to complete a task for the sick of completing. You just meet the deadline without care about quality of task. Sometimes, you might not even know why are you in a rush? Why are you creating such tension environment to everyone, inclusive of yourself to make situation worst?

Be moderate, Be peaceful and you can definitely accomplish your task on time and produce excellence result with mindfulness.




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