family members…

We love our cats dearly. They are our family members. Why not treat all animal friends like our family members?

Today, one of my colleague was asking me, how many cats stay with me? I mentioned to him, we’ve adopted 5 stray cats and so happened, each year, a stray cat will come to seek help from us. Our cats are aged from one till five years old.

Are we giving them for adoption?

Immediately, I replied him, “Are you giving your family members for adoption?”

To us, our lovely cats are our dearest family members. We treat them fairly and equally. The most important action to be taken once we rescued a stray cat, to bring them to Vet for medical check up and follow by spayed or neutered. This is the best action to control cat’s population in neighbourhood and also to avoid misfortune life of little kitten when no one want to adopt.

Today, I read a touching story, a fur parent gave up meat-eating and became vegan when his wife asked him, “Are you willing to eat your lovely “fur baby”? Immediately, he can understand there is no different between us.

We are not superior than our animal friends.

Love them and not eat them.





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