True friend…

Some of us, we might assume that we are more intelligent and superior than our animal friends. So, we can “abuse” instead of love them.

If you are living with animal friends, I believe you know well, they are as intelligent as human and they give all their love to you. They don’t know and never put up a “mask” like human, who might smile to you but in actual fact, they hated you. (Two faces)

Little Black (Hiram boy), our eldest cat, stay with us for close to 5 years. He can understand well on our language, body gesture and able to communicate with us in his special “meow” language.

Before he make any decision, he’ll take time to think what is the best way. Simple example, he’ll take time to think about where to take a nap, how to escape from home and others. Besides, if he is wounded or sick, he’ll allow us to feed or apply medicine. However, once he is better, he’ll never allow us to apply or feed him medicine.

Whenever, he saw sister & I dressed casually in the morning, he’ll run away and so worry we are going to bring him to see “Vet”. Until now, we can’t figure out how he differentiate about casual and office wear. A mystery to us!!!

We are confirm and sure that animal friends will feel fear, tension, anger when they are in slaughterhouse. No one want to die, go through great pain and suffering.

The choice is on your hand. Choose wisely. Let’s try to change our diet, so simple, Be A Vegan!!! You are helping and caring our animal friends, receive their suffering.

Let’s be their True friend, not eating them but love them dearly.

You CAN!




2 responses to “True friend…

  1. You are right. Animals are almost always smarter than people think. Intelligence comes in many forms and just because that form is different than human intelligence does not make it inferior. Even in humans, everyone seems to only consider math and science intelligence but what about emotional or artistic intelligence?

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