Life is impermanent!

We might understand the meaning of “impermanent of life”, perhaps it’s so easy to say it instead of to accept and move on our life.

Last week, I heard one of my friend shared with me on one type of rare and aggressive cancer-anaplastic thyroid cancer. Her relative, only aged 40 years old just diagnosed with this 4th Stage cancer. She only can live for 2 months without any treatment, however with Chemotherapy treatment she can only live for 6 months. Life is so fragile and full of uncertainty.

I asked myself, if I can only live for 60 days.

What is my plan? How should I spend days?

Some of us, we might assume we can live longer, as such, we use to procrastination our plan. We love to make tons of after retirement plan.

Well! Can we live until our retirement age also is a BIG Question?

Why not do it now?

Now, you see a beautiful flower, next moment, it might end up in compost bin. Life is impermanent. Treasure NOW!

Life is impermanent, my lovely friend!



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