Good customer service…

When flowers blossom, it’s attracted lots of bees, butterflies, ants to get its nectar. Be like flower blossom, give your best customer service. Shine others with Happiness! You can!

Are you passion in your job?

Are you giving best customer service?

Recently, I went to dine out in a restaurant. The owner was slightly rude and impatient. She quickly settled our order and prepared food, Vegetarian dried Wanton noodle. As she was not mindful, she just wanted to finish fast, the wanton noodle was not nice.

Guess, why she was in hurry?

She was addicted to the drama series. Immediately, she sat down and continuously to watch drama after settled our order. She was so angry for being disturbed when her staff asked her some question.

The energy was not encouraging as there was no passion in cooking. The food definitely not nice and moreover full of negative vibes as the chef was being emotional influenced by anger, hatred, ignorant in the drama.

Be mindful and give your best when you serve customer. Simple way, just given your big SMILE and positive energy to welcome. People can sense it!

They are definitely be your loyal customer and also good referer.






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