Short trip…

Just came back from a short trip, so refreshing!!!

It’s really great to take a short break, not doing our routine and repeated way of living. Observe new culture, environment, people, food, traffic and others in a new city. Wonderful experience!!!

What a beautiful sunset! People were enjoying their happy family time. So loving!

How long you have never get a chance to indulge yourself in beautiful sunset? Doing things that you enjoy and relax the most.

Please take a break, enjoy a short vacation. It’s the best remedy to release your stress and regain your energy. Of course, you must practice mindfulness when you are in trip, follow your pace, not in hurry and rush.

Be totally here and now!!!


4 responses to “Short trip…

  1. So true. This summer we couldn’t afford longer vacations so we opted for day trips and even one day somewhere else makes a huge difference. I am really looking forward to next weekend when we will go to Venice. 😄

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