A meaningful gift…

What is the best gift for birthday celebration?

We might alway struggle to look for or to buy a best gift to others. Usually, we will spend some time on the journey of sourcing. Of course, it’s great if the person who receive the gift, appreciated it. And you are bringing happiness to a person’s life.

I always share with people,  “No” gift for me. I am blessed and gratitude with What I have. I am contended!!!

Recently, I received a very meaningful “gift” with lot of love.

A Red packet with money as my birthday gift. Well! The money is not meant for me. They are asking me to donate to needy people. What a great thought!

How great that we can share our happiness to others! Instead of giving happiness to a person and yet we are shining to lot of people. How wonderful to see more happy and smiling faces!!!

Let’s use our wealth in meaningful way! Let’s continuously to bring happiness to others.

Keep practicing, “Self benefit and benefit others.”





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