Less for MORE…

Why not less for MORE Happiness?

Many of us, we forgot to count our blessings and we constantly complain on insufficient in life. Our desire to keep pushing us to own more stuffs, from small apartment to condominium, small house to big house, small car to luxury car, keep chasing for latest fashion, new arrival and others. We assume we are happier when we own so much things in life. Is it really what you want?

One of my friend shared with me that she count her blessing when her friend shared with her she need to get a fridge which can fit into her small condo. She realised how blessed she is as she stayed in landed property and having a bigger space which can fit in lot of appliances.

Never tie your happiness with whatever you own physically. You don’t need to own anything in order to be happy.

You are the fountain of happiness!!! Let’s explore!

Your need is so small, however your want is so BIG!!!

Get it?



4 responses to “Less for MORE…

  1. You say: “You don’t need to own anything in order to be happy.” … and we all hope it is true. However, it DOES help to have a bunch of extra money, for a nice house, for good schools for the kids, and for health care….

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