walking meditation…

I start my weekend with my peaceful morning walk. It’s excellence to spend your time with nature. Enjoying the best music (singing from birds and other beings), best quality of fresh air, natural breeze, warm sunlight, quietness and serenity.

How long have you not get in touch with nature?

There are so many health benefits by just walking about an hour. Well, fast walking and no talking, remember to swing your hand naturally follow your steps. Completely free, no subscription fees and you are enjoying the precious gift from nature.

Some of my friends, they love to spend time and money in gym as they are enjoying artificial cooling air in artificial close environment. Why not take a walk in nature? Maybe you might love it!!!

My personal experience, I treat my walk as part of my meditation practice. To be here and now. Whenever there is any thoughts arisen, chop it immediately before its turned up to be a long-winded story. After the walk, I feel so relax, peace, refresh and energetic.

You can feel the good vibes.

Why not take a try?


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