say YES!!!

How many times you are saying “Yes”,

to do things, attend event, gathering, chit-chat, watching movie, entertain people, eating food and other activities that you don’t like.

Are you enjoying? Are you suffering?

I read the below from Scott Stabile, so profound!

” I have decided  to stop saying YES to people and situations that don’t support my well-being. Instead, I’ll say YES to my happiness, and yes to my growth, and Yes to all the people and things that inspire me to be authentic and whole. while at the same time accepting me as I am. My YES, from here on out, is my pledge to live honestly, my commitment to love myself fiercely, and my cry to create my best life possible. YES!!!”

say yes to do things which bring better life and better world!

Say YES for to do things that bring benefits to yourself and others. We don’t have much time, treasure your life!





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