a group of ants…

So many ants are in my garden. They are building up their ants empire.

What can I do with this group of ants?

I’ve communicated with them many times, appeal to them to move out from my garden as it’s not safe to stay. I given them ample notice. They refused to move out.

I am practising “No Killing”. Well, I can’t let this group of ants stay in my garden. My lovely cat friends might disturb them and being bitten. If they are being discovered by my father, I believe he’ll get rid of them.

I came out with the best solution, to help them to migrate to empty land nearby my house.

In order to make a wise decision,  please use both hat, “Compassion and wisdom” to bring win-win situation to all beings. Most important, always put yourself in other’s shoes. Being happiness and not suffering!



4 responses to “a group of ants…

  1. Ants don’t have shoes… LOL
    I’m just being silly. Could you take their whole habitat (nest, queen, and all the others) and move them to an out-of-the-way place?
    When I kill insects or spiders inside my home I first try to catch and deport them. When that doesn’t work I apologize and say: “This is MY habitat, not yours.” and then I kill them.

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